Question 1
The United States incarcerates 5 to 10 times the percentage of its citizens as do other western industrialized nations.

Why?  Drug offenses do not provide the answer statistically.

Question 2
Three laws which if enacted would greatly help fight terrorism.

Would these laws be a good idea or a bad idea?

Question 3
Should duly trained and duly authorized officers

be given the authority to impose some limited fines or other civil penalties at their discretion and with out any other cause?

The United States is the best nation in the world!  Hooah!!

I would never want to live anywhere else.   On what facts is this statement based?

What is the Probability of a Police Officer Committing a Crime?

compared to the probability of anyone else committing a crime?

Common Law Enforcement Clichés.

What do officers commonly say and do during a routine traffic stop?  Actions which have no practical value but are more commonly associated with dialog  of con men and used car salesmen.  No offense to used car salesmen intended.

Below are links to each of my contacts with L.E.P. [Under constuction]

If you have an account or communication with L.E.P. and think that it would be instructive,
email me.

Parking ticket about February 2003

Speeding ticket about March 1998

A very helpful officer.

Coast Gaurd Boards my Vessel

Jan ,2007 Stopped in my 69 Jeep

My name is Jerry Wickey.

I moved here to the keys from the great lakes states. Here I have seen a
higher police presence than I have ever seen anywhere else in the county. Especially the mid west.

At first it left me to wonder what extraordinary dangers are present here that are not present in other places.  However, over time, I came to realize that
greater danger or more illegal activity was actually not the reason for the increased presence of law enforcement.

You will find several interesting questions posed here. You might find pause for thought in many of them. 

This web site is brand new and I hope that it becomes a cross roads for the understanding of law enforcement and its changing role in the free world. Well at least for the keys anyway.

In addition to the thought provoking questions, You will find an account of every communication I have had with law enforcement. I will make a good faith effort to accurately characterize the encounter. The record can serve to educate and enlighten anyone who cares to read. If you happen to be the officer whose actions were documented, and you feel that the characterization was inaccurate, you are welcome to comment. As always your comments will be published in their entirety.

Might law enforcement agents express a passive/ aggressive dissatisfaction with the information on this page and endeavor toenforce legislation which they would otherwise not enforce in the effort to punish me personally without judicial review?

Perhaps, the site will continue with a moderate number of educated mature visitors and they will leave the site with reasonable pause for thought which ultimately results in each person responsibly doing their part to make this a better place to live.