A Modest  Proposal. 


In this time of our Nation's greatest distress, perhaps it  is time for another Modest Proposal. 

Since 9/11 our nation has  been in the desperate grip of terrorists who will stop at nothing to  perpetrate sinister, devastating and deadly horrors on the people of this nation.  Despite the fact that no one has actually been  killed in a domestic terrorist attack since 9/11 and the fact that  prosecutions of suspected terrorists is currently lower than previous to  9/11.  Despite these fact, we all know that terrorists lurk in the  shadows of every airport and every major sporting event. 

It is the  ever vigilant US law enforcement who stands between each of us and a  horrible death at the hands of dark religious fanatics.  It is so bad  that authorities, recently were forced to shoot and kill a completely  innocent church missionary on his way back to Miami from a South American  church mission to protect us from terrorism.  After the incident, we  as American's collectively decided that even if a thousand innocent  people must be killed, it is worth it to safe guard the nation's  security. 

Given that fact, the measures suggested in the following  proposal are a minuscule sacrifice.  In fact as the reader will see,  they are not sacrifices at all.  The benefits of the measures in this  proposal are of them selves worth the new laws.  Even if they could do  nothing to stop terrorism.  But as the reader will see, they offer  the federal government the information and new authority that they  need to stop terrorism and many other crimes dead in their tracks.  

We need to be SAFE.  We need to feel comfortable and untroubled  again.  Like we did before 9/11.  We need to gain back our  innocents.  We need to pry our freedom back from the sinister forces which  absconded with it on that fateful September morning. 

Should we enact  these four simple federal laws, we could again secure our streets and  public places to the safe and orderly sanity of approved behavior,  without fear of dangerous terror plots designed to inflict harm on us or infect  us with some unheard of biological weapon. 

These laws can be  implemented with out new technology.  All  the technology required  to provide the safe guards of our freedom that these new laws  provide, already exists.  It is off the shelf and there are many  benefits far beyond the end to terrorism which these four simple laws will also  bring about. I will note these additional benefits with each of the laws.

1)  It shall be unlawful for any  institution, person or other entity to hold on the behalf of another any sum of  money or currency or other negotiable instrument.  Storing,  dispensing, honoring what is commonly referred to as checks and maintaining  savings, checking, retirement and other accounts of currency shall be the  sole disposition of the Federal Government.  It shall further be  unlawful to maintain in personal possession a sum of currency in excess of  one thousand dollars. 

This law does not outlaws banks  as we know them.  We go about our business as usual.  The ownership  and control of the banks just shifts to the complete control of the  Federal Government. 

This has many anti terror and as a plus anti  crime benefits.  Since all transactions which exceed a thousand  dollars must by law go through the one and only federal bank.   Incredibly powerful computer algorithms can be brought to bear on the pattern  of flow of money.  Which as we all know is one of the very first  signs investigators look for to find terrorist activity as well as mob activity.  

Just the act of having too much cash would  then be illegal and treated as a very serious offense..  The  authorities would have the necessary crime fighting tools to remove potential  trouble makers, whether they be terrorist or some other sort of evil, from  the streets.  And we will be safe.  The seriousness of  enforcing this is necessary if the law is to be affective at all.  

After all, who wants to keep that much cash around  anyway.  The only reason I can think of for someone to want to keep more  than a thousand dollars in a shoe box is that he is hiding it from the authorities.

2)  It shall be unlawful for any  institution, person or other entity to offer any position of employment which position is not registered with the Federal Employment Registrar which is established hereby.  

Any person looking for work can go to the Federal Registrar to find all jobs available.  No more hoping your buddy has a job lined up for you.  No more hoping the newspaper listing offering a job is out of date.  All legal jobs available are listed in one place.

3)  It shall be unlawful for any institution, person or other entity to offer a residence for rent or for sale which residence is not registered with the Federal Employment Registrar which is established hereby.  

4)  No person shall pass two or more consecutive nights in any location unless he or she has first registers his or her whereabouts in the Federal Registrar  which is established hereby.

Just imagine the conveniences and increased security.

No more terrorism.  Since all money, job, residences and peoples whereabouts can be constantly monitored, terrorist activity becomes impossible.  So do many other kinds of crime.  Simply not registering ones whereabouts becomes a punishable criminal offense.  We don't need people who want privacy for nefarious activity on the streets anyway.

Finding a job or a house could not bet easier.  We must pass these laws immediately.