The most common response I see when I cite the incarceration figures  to someone is disbelieve.  They suppose that maybe that is  compared to third world nations where crime is not prosecuted.  Or that  it is compared to authoritarian states where crime is punished so  severely that no one risks jail.  ---   But this is not the  case.  The United States of America jails a larger percentage of its  citizen than every other nation in the world, even harsh authoritarian  nations.  

Compared to Industrialized Western nations We jail not a marginally larger percentage, not even a huge percentage difference  like 50% or 80%, but we incarcerate 700% more of our population than do  the other Western Industrialized nations.  Dare we still call  ourselves Industrialized?

Only North Korea exceeds the US  incarceration rate.  But it only exceeds our rate when their 200,000  political prisoners are added to their general prison population figures.  Exclude political prisoners and we incarcerate more than even North Korean Dictatorship.  According to NBC News agency N. Korea detains nearly one percent  of their population for political reasons.

The fact that the only  nation which exceeds our incarceration rate does so only when counting  political prisoners is a fact that has a chilling effect on me.   

Especially when one notes that the margin by which N.  Korea beats are incarceration rate is by about 30% higher than we but we beat  the industrialized worlds incarceration rate by 700%.

This is only one graph from one source.  I do not like offering  links for research.  Information a reader gathers him or her self is  much more credible for that person.  Just Google search the term "world  incarceration rates"  And get all the information  yourself.  You may be surprised.


Dear Law Enforcement Personnel,

Your chosen profession in law enforcement might provide you a unique and better qualified  perspective from which to answer the following single question.

As you  are likely aware the United States incarcerates five to ten times the percentage of it's citizens as do other Western Industrialized Nations.  Only the former Soviet Union approached our rate of  incarceration.  However, we are still number one.  At no  point in the history of incarceration as a popular means of punishment  did the United States ever lose its number one ranking.  Not even the  former Soviet Union, at the height of its regime beat the States. Should  we be proud of that?

The only cases where the incarceration rates  were higher than the current United State's rates are in the case of  Nazi Germany with 793 per 100,000 toward the end of W.W.II.  This  figure includes the occupants of the concentration camps.  The other  is North Korea.  While they do not directly report their  figures, NBC news puts the figure at about 900 per 100,000.  However, NBC  notes that over ninety percent of those prisoners are political prisoners.

I must admit.  Those facts are just a  little scary.

These would appear the most likely possibilities and  two are not very likely.

1)  The hearts and souls of American  citizens are five to ten times blacker and darker, more evil than all the  rest of humanity through out rest of the world.

2)  Law  enforcement in all the other countries are incompetent.  US law enforcement  is the only enforcement entity which has any training or enforcement proficiency.

3)  US law enforcement employs a  constructive or developed regiment which is suggestive of systemically and mildly vindictive enforcement practices.  Whereby, US law  enforcement finds protection of the innocent less important than the punishment of  the guilty.

Question:  Which of these likely hoods, do  you find most probable?

Two of these answers are unlikely and  one is distasteful.  However, the discrepancy is real.  And the  reason for the discrepancy is real.  These three reasons remain the  most likely.   Can you think of another alternative answer?

Which do you think it is?

Email me. Your response will be published on this web site in it  entirety.  Please include your name and credentials.