Explore Abiogenesis and the
selective pressures which give rise to Evolution?

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total mass of all pre-biotic candidate molecules on the planet's surface

 recombinations mol-1 sec-1
pre-biotic molecular recombination rate

self replicator complexity

polypeptide . . .  tRNA molecule  . . . ribosome
comparable to the complexity of:    (click to set)

Presuming: kg of suitable candidate molecules, each molecule of which recombining with its neighbors  times per second, the time span required for 50% probability of abiogenesis occurring on this planet:


mutation rate

portion of advantagious mutations

portion of disadvantagious mutations

portion of purmutations endowing replication

speciation threshold

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Switch in silico petri dish engine on

Don't wait millions of years. Insert a minimal self replicating molecular system at some random point in the petri dish.

Refresh the petri dish with a new batch.

Force the petri dish through a generative and mutation cycle.

this assey